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OliKrom is a major player in the field of Intelligence of Color for Industrial Safety.

OliKrom®  pigments are the result of patented technology. It is a new generation of pigments with Thermochromic, Photochromic and Piezochromic properties. Olikrom assists industrials throughout the entire technological process, from the conception, to the production and the integration of smart pigments.
Piezochromic inks, pigments & paints

To create piezochromic coatings and materials, that change color under pressure (shock, impact, strain), OliKrom relies on 2 patented technologies : Color change at a given pressure and color recovery when the constraint decreases. ...

Photoluminescent pigments : custom fluorescent & phosphorescent paints and inks

OliKrom holds a unique expertise in photochemistry, for the design and production of industrial coatings with optimal fluorescence/phosphorescence properties (LuminoKrom® range): Optimal ...

Photochromic pigments, inks and paints

To create smart photosensitive inks, paints and coatings, that change color with light, OliKrom relies on 2 smart pigment technologies : Color change at a defined light intensity, and color recovery when optical excitation decrea ...

Thermochromic pigments, inks & paints

To create smart temperature-sensitive inks, paints and coatings, OliKrom relies on 3 patented thermochromic technologies: Color change at a defined temperature T 1 and color recovery when temperature drops back below T 1 . The tem ...


SOLVATOCHROMIC OliKrom supports innovative projects in the field of solvatochromism materials, characterized by a color change under the influence of a solvent. In response to a specification, OliKrom will adapt the property of these mate ...


R&D Office of innovative products

OliKrom is your R&D provider that customs, designs and realizes, in confidentially, the product which meets your specifications. OliKrom provides customized and tailored response to industrial...


Formulation unit

The formulation unit of OliKrom controls and develops innovative solutions integrating smart pigments in different matrixes such as paints, varnishes, inks… OliKrom adapts the formulation according to the specifications: viscosity control, opacity/transparency...


Production unit

OliKrom’s production unit ensures the delivery of smart pigments respecting quality approach (color, size …) and regulation control (SDS, REACH …). Depending on the application, OliKrom adapts its production facilities: for “personalized” achievements into reactors...


Consultancy & Technical assistance

OliKrom works in close collaboration with many companies and accompanies the development of their innovative projects by providing: an expert team (doctors, engineers, technicians) adapted to each industrial step, trainings about smart pigments on demand...

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OliKrom works with...


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    OliKrom®  works closely with many companies, small and large groups, and participates in the development of innovative projects

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    OliKrom®  has a License with the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique], www.cnrs.fr)

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    Bordeaux University

    OliKrom®  relies, if necessary, on the expertise and know-how of Aquitain laboratories (http://www.u-bordeaux1.fr) : like the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux (Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux, ICMCB) and the Laboratory of Waves and Matter of Aquitain (Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d’Aquitaine, LOMA) in the field of thermo-, photo-, piezo-sensitive properties and characterization.

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30 March 2017
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Who we are ?

Olikrom is collaborating with industrials of all sectors in their innovation projects in designing and producing the perfect solution based on intelligence of colours.

Olikrom produces “tailor-made” smart pigments and adds those pigments in paints, inks, masterbatchs. Olikrom assists industrials in their feasibility concept, R&D (long and mid-term), pre-industrial phasing (support in validation test process).

Olikrom produces inks, paints, masterbatchs (from litre / kg to Ton). Its team of experts is at your entire disposal for any technical assistance in the industrial integration of smart materials or coatings (recommendation, quality control, training…)

Olikrom intelligence solution is based on a new generation of patented pigments which change of colours depending on temperature, light or pressure.


In 2012, Olikrom is the winner in the national competition organised by the higher education and research department.

In 2014, Olikrom signed two exclusive licences with the CNRS and the SATT Aquitaine/ university of Bordeaux.

In 2015, Olikrom received the “PME Bougeons-nous” prize organised by RMC/BFM Business.

In 2016, Olikrom is seen as a global leader by the global smart industry market research report !

In 2017, Olikrom is facing its new industrial production site.

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